Village Harvesting

Group picking session

Each summer we offer help to villagers who have fruit trees in their gardens that they are not able to pick and have no use for. Depending on demand and weather, we arrange small groups about once a week to pick some trees. It is fun!
We have a sociable hour or so picking and chatting.

Once the fruit is harvested it is offered to nurseries, schools, the children’s centre, the food larder and other groups who can use it. Baskets of eating and cooking apples are left outside the shops on the High Street for all to share.

We welcome any volunteers who can help with the picking and distributing of the fruit and we have worked successfully with John Watson school to involve their students in this project on occasion.

Late in October we hold an apple pressing event outside the Merry Bells when everyone can help to turn any remaining apples into juice, bottling and pasteurising it. The juice is offered to the tree owners and other helpers and anyone else who would like some.

Last year we picked about 600kg of fruit, saving it from going to waste. We are always keen to hear from anyone who would like to get involved in any aspect of this roject. 

Please lookout for information and contact us in the summer, when we will start planning for the coming harvest.

Apple pressing day 2022