Swap Shop

A new life for unwanted items

Starts09:30 am
Items taken before10:15 am
Ends11:00 am
LocationThe Merry Bells, OX33 1XP

Well done, at the last swap shop we swapped 560 KG!

Wheatley swap shop is run by Sustainable Wheatley four times a year in The Merry Bells to try to save items no longer wanted but still usable from going to landfill.

Every year we divert nearly 3 tonnes of waste from landfill avoiding 4 tonnes of CO2 emissions and saving the council over £300 in charges (figures supplied by Resource Futures). As a community we should be very proud!

If you have items in your homes sitting in cupboards, lofts and garages which you no longer want or use but feel are too good to throw away, then rather than eventually throwing them in the bin and sending them to landfill you can bring them to the community Swap Shop for others to take away and use; plus at the same time, you can look around and see if there is anything you’d like to take away yourself!

Please do bring

  • Unwanted but useable items
  • Mains electrical items, these will be subject to a Portable Appliance Test
  • Items as early as possible and before 10:15am
  • Printer cartridges
  • Foil for recycling like milk bottle tops
  • All items must be given 100% free

Please don't bring

  • Bulky items, a notice board is provided for you to leave a description of your item, a bit like a paper version of Freecycle!
  • Commercial waste
  • Illegal waste
  • Anything dangerous such as knives
  • Anything alive such as pets or livestock
  • Shoes or clothing
  • White goods such as fridges
  • Electric items without a CE marking

You are welcome to only bring items, or to only take things away. Or just come along and browse and have some free refreshments and a chat. This is a social event too, where we all end up with a chance to meet other local families for a Saturday morning chat. Plus we put less rubbish in land-fill, saving both the environment and tax-payers money.

Givers gain space in their homes and the satisfaction of knowing their items are being used elsewhere. You do not need to worry if stuff you bring is not taken while you're there. People may come and take it later, and anything left over will be disposed of through Freecycle, charity shops or recycling, as appropriate.

Takers get things they want for free!