Apple Day

DateSaturday October 26th
LocationThe Merry Bells, OX33 1XP

This year once again we will be hosting a juicing day at the Merry Bells where everyone is welcome to join in. Either you can bring your own fruit and we will have the equipment there to turn it into your very own juice or you can just come along and help with the chopping and pressing. We also have the use of a pasteuriser meaning that the juice can last for up to a year after it’s been made.

Perfect for Christmas presents!

What will you need to bring?

Not necessarily anything if you just want to come along and join in.

Apples, washed with bruises and insect/animal bites removed. Apples can be used whole so no need to chop them. Large apples may need to be chopped in half.

If you are using windfalls these need to be cut into large pieces to check for any worms or bugs

Clean screw top wine bottles. Preferably not bottles with tall necks as these don't fit in the pasteuriser. If you don’t have enough bottles then we can provide some on the day.

How much will it cost?

For this year only there will be no charge (but we won’t refuse a donation!)

How long will it take?

The shredding and the juicing is pretty quick about 10-15 minutes per load of apples. However pasteurising takes 40 minutes so you can either stay and have a coffee and a chat (we hope to provide a few apple themed snacks!), or come back and collect them before we leave.

How many apples should you bring?

As a minimum the press needs at least an amount of apples that would fill a small bucket (this will make 2-3 bottles of juice). However If you have less than this then we can mix it with other apples that we will have available on the day.

Do cooking apples make good juice?

Yes cooking apples can make juice however we recommend they are mixed with a few eating apples too

What will the juice taste like?

This is all dependent on the variety of apples and can range from sweet to tart. You won’t know until you try it!

Can you bring your children?

Of course children are welcome. However they must be supervised by a parent at all times.

You don’t like apple juice but have lots of apples!

Feel free to still come and use your apples to make juice that you can give as gifts otherwise why not try some of these apple recipes collated by the group.

Do you know anyone who has apple trees with surplus or hard to reach fruit? Would they be willing to let us harvest their fruit to make into juice or for distributing to others?

Are you willing to help pick village fruit trees?

Please contact us and let us know.